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ManageMeals is a simple, easy-to-use platform to manage recipes. Import recipes by URL and organize them without any ads or unnecessary text.

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The basic features of ManageMeals are completely free. Such as importing and organizing recipes. Premium subscription is only for more advanced features, e.g. Meal Plans.


More advanced features are unlocked with a Premium subscription. For example Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, and importing recipes from YouTube. Premium subscription is £1.90 per month.

Easy, Simple Interface

Recipe websites can be overwhelming with ads and unnecessary text. Simplicity is a top priority for ManageMeals. Recipes are quick to browse through, and the recipe detail page shows all the relevant recipe information in an easy-to-use interface.


Powerful and fast search that finds what you're looking for almost instantly. Can handle spelling mistakes.


People use all kinds of devices to look at recipes in the kitchen; phones, tablets, laptops, etc. ManageMeals works on any screen size. It's set up so that all closely related information, such as ingredients and directions, stay close together even on small screen sizes.


ManageMeals strives to be as fast as possible when navigating the app. No waiting around, only recipes.


If you're having any problems, found a recipe website that's not currently supported, have a feature request, or anything else, then please send an email to [email protected]. We reply quickly.

Recipe Websites

Recipes are imported by URL. ManageMeals supports hundreds of recipe websites, all of the most popular ones and many smaller ones. If you find a recipe website that's not supported, then please contact us and we'll add support for it.


While there is direct support for hundreds of recipe websites, not all websites have a predefined structure. This is where AI comes in. It will attempt to import recipes from any website, for example blogs.

YouTube Premium

Just like importing a recipe by URL. Simply paste the YouTube URL into the import form and ManageMeals will save the recipe as text.


Recipes have printer friendly styles. Hitting Ctrl+P (CMD+P) on a recipe will show a compact version of the recipe, with no images or colors, ready to be printed.

Meal Plans Premium

Create Meal Plans for a single day, or a whole week. Meal Types can be used to plan multiple courses per day. Auto-generated based on some criteria, or manually selected recipes.

Cooking Mode

Prevent the screen from turning off by checking a box on the recipe detail page. No more tapping the screen every couple of seconds.

Shopping Lists Premium

Create shopping lists from recipes and meal plans. It takes the recipe ingredients and turns them into a shopping list.


Share recipes with friends and family. Anyone with a share link can view, no need to register.

Browser Extension (coming soon)

Work in progress. Browser extension to easily import recipes while browsing the web.

Mobile Apps (coming soon)

Work in progress. Android and iOS app versions of ManageMeals.

Screen Recordings

Importing a Recipe
Meal Planning


You can try out ManageMeals on the demo website. The demo has a collection of a 1000 fake recipes.

Create actions are disabled in the demo, such as creating recipes, categories and tags. The demo might also be a bit slow at times, depending on traffic. It's not running on the same powerful hardware as the main platform, so it's not a good indicator of how fast the platform is.

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